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Zombies (2018) Full Movie BluRay

zombies 2018Zombies (2018) Full Movie BluRay

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Zombies is an American musical and dance Disney Channel Original Movie that premiered on Disney Channel on February 16, 2018. The film stars Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly, playing zombie football player Zed and human cheerleader Addison who meet and fall in love, and who must lead their groups respective to coexistence with each other.



Fifty years ago in the planned community of Seabrook, an accident at the Seabrook power plant resulted in an explosion which caused half the population of Seabrook to turn into brain-eating zombies. Those that weren’t affected constructed a wall which separates the zombie territory, called Zombietown, from the rest of Seabrook. The government later created bracelets for zombies, called Z-Bands, that deliver soothing electromagnetic pulses to keep zombies from craving brains.

In the present day, zombie students from Zombietown transfer to the human high school, Seabrook High, where suburban life is filled with uniformity, traditions, and pep rallies.

In Zombietown, Zed introduces himself to the viewers as he walks them through life in Zombietown, his sister Zoey who can’t have a dog, and his father Zevon while making plans to join the football team. On the other side of the fence, Addison introduces herself to the viewers as she tells them of her cheer camp experience and reveals that she wears a wig to hide her naturally white hair, since nothing will stick to it. Her parents are Missy, who is the mayor of Seabrook, and her father is Dale, who oversees the Zombie Patrol which keeps the zombies in line.

Addison and Zed meet in a Zombie Free Room, and they start talking. When Addison realizes that Zed is a zombie, she punches him in the face but later regrets it, and the two become friends and soon fall in love. The star-crossed lovers, who are not supposed to be together, keep their love a secret, but Zed’s friends, Eliza and Bonzo, come to know of it soon. To win football games, Zed made Eliza hack into his Z-Band to make him ‘a little more zombie’. This lead to severe pain on his wrist and rashes on that area. Addison’s self-centered cousin Bucky became jealous that Zed was getting more attention than him.

On the big football match day, Buckey finds out about Zed’s Z-Band hack, and has his followers Stacey, Tracey and Lacey steal Eliza’s laptop and hack Zed’s band, turning him, Eliza, and Bonzo into complete zombies. The security captures them and took them back to Zombietown. Later, Addison shouts at the crowd, telling them it was their fault Zed transformed into a full Zombie. She then rips off the wig she used to cover up her naturally white hair.

Following the incident, Addison states to the viewers that Bucky has removed her from the cheer squad. Bucky is then shown cutting three members from his cheerleading group due to them sympathizing with the zombies.

On the day of the cheerleader competition, Addison and Bree find Zed and Bonzo trying to stop Eliza from sabotaging the competition, and after Eliza talks with her friends, she realizes that doing so is not the right thing to do. Bucky’s team is failing because they do not have enough members so Zoey tries to get in and help him. At first Zoey is booed by the crowd but with help from Addison and Zed, the zombies and cheerleaders come together to make a cheer routine during the Cheer competition. Zed and Addison tell each other they love each other.

Later, everyone has a block party at Zombietown. As Zoey finally gets her dog, the zombies and humans mingle with each other freely.

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